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Tunediving Radio

A case study

Project overview

A responsive digital jukebox

Tunediving is a webradio for alternative elctronic music lovers. The navigation is smooth and intuitive to highlight on thing : music. We assure our audience an optimized listening experience, both on their smartphones, their tablets, and their computers.

Smooth navigation

Simple and beautiful modules to insure a smooth navigation

Music player

The music player follows your navigation through all pages without any interruptions. The listener can enjoy every rareties dug by the tunedivers.

Magnificient gallery

We’ve designed very light gallery to fit perfectly with the spirit of every track's cover images.

Power to the listeners

The listener at the center of Tunediving's experience

Simple and beautiful buttons

The listener can easily plays, shares and finds the origin of each track

Relevant categorization

Each tune is categorized to help the listener to find his way through the unique Tunediving's experience

Power to the diggers

A custom back-end to simplify tracks' digging

Optimized CMS

We developped a custom and simple flow to add tracks to the gallery. The tunediver can upload Souncloud's or localhost's tracks. Each tracks is permanently stored on our servers

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