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A case study

Project overview

A manufacture shop of exclusive and luxury golf clubs

Grismont was born from the passion of golf and democratization of 3D printing. Having an e-commerce website was mandatory to developped this extra-specialized market. Grismont’s team asked us to build a full-integrated platform with a smart golf club customizer tool.

Market place

A smart custom shop to fit perfectly with customer expectations

Product selector

Full-width screen which presents the different driving irons. Each product is produced in limited edition.

Customizer tool

Grismont wanted to offer a unique and luxury experience to customers. We designed a 4-steps' flow tool which guides the customer to his dream's golf club. From the finishing material to the upload of the customer's swing video, Grsimont collects all data to make a unique golf club.

Power to the seller

Grismont's team can manage the full e-shop, from the inventory to the customer's special requests

Wordpress CMS with Woocomerce module

Woocomerce gives a complete control on the shop (inventory, shipping taxes ...). This toolkit powers 37% of all online stores. With this solution, Grismont was certain to enter in a new era for its business.

Product management

We developped a strong back-end module to give the seller the full control of his shop. Grismont's team can add as many product as they wish with the possibility of adding specific attributes to each of them.

On-line chat

We integrated to the website a chat tool. This way, Grismont's team is always able to answer any special requests or give information to the customers

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